Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture says a thousand words...

So I don't really need to write a story about this, yea? Happened last night when hubby and I thought he was playing bowling in his room, with these innocent crayons as mini skittles. He did make a lot of noise!

I would like information though, on how to get rid of this crayon stain?


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+Ren said...

If you have small children, chances are you have crayon marks somewhere on your carpeting. Perhaps you live in a construction zone where roads are being worked on and you notice tar or you might simply have areas where greasy food has dropped, leaving an unwanted stain. Regardless of the case, all three of these problems can be removed using the same techniques. These steps will show you how to remove carpet stains, giving your room a new appearance.

For starters, we suggest you apply a dry cleaning solvent onto a slightly damp, terrycloth or cotton towel (a white towel is best). Use the moisture on the towel to blot and to remove as much of the stain as possible. Many times, the stain will come right up but if not, you may need to repeat the cleaning process several times. Do not be discouraged if you do because oil, tar, and crayon can be stubborn.

After you notice the stain disappearing, rinse the area well with clean, warm water. By using a white towel, you will be able to see when the stain no longer appears on it, giving you a good indication that it is no longer in the carpet. You can also try rubbing alcohol, also applying it to a clean white towel. With this, if the spot is deep in the carpet pile, then blot until the stain is removed. The key with using alcohol is to avoid using too much. The reason is that if alcohol penetrates carpet backing, it can damage or destroy the latex bond. Now, to remove the carpet stain if it is on the surface only, rub going in just one direction and stop once the stain is gone.

Another great tip for removing carpet stains from oil, tar, or crayon is to use one-quarter teaspoon of dishwashing detergent (without lanolin or bleach) with one-quarter water. Using the blotting motion and a clean, white towel, the stain should come right up. When done, spray the area with clean water to rinse, again blotting to remove the excess liquid. When dry, vacuum as usual and enjoy a clean carpet.