Monday, May 04, 2009

Who's tantrum?

You'd think things would be easier or at least get into the flow, if not already. After all, this is Term Two. I still have difficulty getting Aidan to finish his breakfast in record time. Along with him brushing his teeth and dressing up.

This morning didn't particularly go well. We weren't late or anything like that. I guess it has also something to do with ME. Wrong side of the bed? I was pretty snappy. Plus, he wasn't very co-operative either. By the time we reached his classroom, we weren't on 'friendly' terms, and he knew it. Being a tad rebellious, he went straight to the line and refused to come up to hug my goodbye.

And so it was my turn to throw a fit for not getting what I want (sounds familiar?) and I pulled him aside by force. Gave him a dose of tongue-lash and his tears started to spill. I had to do it, huh? Just when the bell rang too. Serves me right.

Instead of going to the Aquacise class, I missed it as I had to stay back for another 15 minutes to calm him down. How could he be upset with me for getting mad at him? No win situation. Hmph...

Now that my tummy is full and that I can think clearer, am going to give him extra cuddles when he get home. Poor boy.

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mott said...

i hear ya...when i'm hungry..i get very snippish...

not a good, i.e

dun worry la..he'll bounce back and give u very lovin' hugs! boys forgive more easily than girls..