Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

On Friday the school held a Mother's Day stall, where each child was given a chance to purchase a gift for his or her mother ranging from $1 - $5. I gave Aidan a $5 note and told him to buy a 'surprise' for me.

$5 sounds a tad too much for some, I know. But my theory is that I want him to choose whatever he liked for me, even if it was the least amount, and he could have the change. He got me a pink notepad with two chocolate hearts in it, and I am guessing it was $3 as there was a $2 in his Thomas wallet.

This is the personally made card for me.

Happy Mother's Day!

Moving on, one of his favourite play at home is 'Sausage'. You can see why :)


janice said...

hehee.. cute !!.

Rose said...

He is very cute in the sausage! :p

whoelse said...

can i have your 'sausage' to go with my bread :P

Sasha said...

wah good idea to give him money and ask him to buy u gift. hahaha he's one leng jai sausage!