Monday, June 15, 2009

Eat eat eat

That is all we do here so far.

My SIL is just amazed and shocked at the frequency of wanting to eat all the time. She is also just getting over the family culture shock. Her family is so quiet, where as mine is boisterous as, not forgetting the colourful profanities that comes out from the adults, minus myself and my nieces.

As for my little one, welcome back to second home. The mozzies are most delighted to see him again, with many welcome bites on his legs and one on his hand. So far. And this is KL. Let's just hope Ipoh stays the same way, if not better. Which I doubt. I am already dreading for his face. Somehow the mozzies there like his face better.

I don't think Aidan is liking the idea that we are leaving tomorrow. He had so much fun with his nieces. But we have things to do, and school holidays are over as of tonight.

Let's just hope Pangkor trip will perk him up. Water always does.


janice said...

u din put mozzie repellent on him meh .. aiyo.. poor aidan !!..

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!