Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Locked out

I think I have been cleaning up too much. I even cleaned my brain.

This morning after sending Aidan to school, I came back home for a while, and then headed off to the city for my eye check-up, post Lasik. I have reached 20-20 vision, but unfortunately, as they have already told me before the surgery, they can't fix 'lou far'. Nevertheless, I am glad I do not have to use those blek eye drops again. Yucks.

I went grocery shopping to make Bak kut teh for dinner, and headed home to do more cleaning. Cooking, cleaning, washing, and by the time I sat down, it was already 3pm. Time to pick Aidan up from school. Left the house, picked him up, went to another grocer to get some fresh chillies. Then I remembered I didn't turn off the gas when I left home, although I left my Bak kut teh simmering. Oh well, I thought, going home anyway.

That was when I found out I didn't have my house key with me. Cut the long story short, had to call hubby to the rescue, and prayed he could be as fast as possible, not because Aidan and myself was stranded at our backyard, but I can smell my Bak kut teh already.

In the end, the liquid was just about to dry up. Nasib baik didn't burn out. Phew.

Hubby shook his head at me. Why? Because I left my purse outside.

I need more sleep.

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