Thursday, July 09, 2009


Now that Aidan knows how to ride a bicycle, I brought him on a very easy trail, and told him to watch out for cars.

One car came along, and I told him to watch out. Him being him, went too fast and straight up the kerb, stopped. Back facing me. Silence. I was already halfway running towards him.

I looked at him and his eyes were all squinty, with tears. I asked him if he was alright, he just cried and buried his face into my jacket.

Did you hurt yourself?



Touched his groin.

I hurt my testicles.

Ooooo.... ouch. But soon after some cuddles, he was riding fast again.


miche said...

kakakakaka...poor boy but boys will be boys, they forget bout pain pretty fast.

my eldest dont even want to try riding a bicycle knowing that she will hurt herself.

Sasha said...

aww kesian.. the kukuballs pain pain. but very fast forget eh.. maybe not that pain afterall. hehe