Thursday, August 20, 2009

A very expensive chair.

The dentist's chair.

Yep. Finally got around to get my crowning done. After all, I can only have the band around the affected molar for so long. Either the band will come loose eventually, or the food stuck in there will give me one heck of an infection, or worse still, bad breath.

Plus, I've got my tax return, and fortunately, that covers the cost. That is, with this dentist of mine. Remember this post? I know. That was a while back. I waited THAT long. I did my root canal with another dentist, very unfaithful of me, but mine wasn't around when agonizing pain struck me. Probably a lot more money too. I knew I was a 'waterfish' when I saw the chief receptionist of this other dentist, a.k.a. his wife, donning large diamond rings on her fingers.

But dental pain is not something you would want to wait, or suffer in silence. Or rather, you really can't be silent about it. And it usually arrives at the most inconvenient times, e.g. late nights, when all dental clinics or pharmacies are closed, weekends, long weekends, holidays. You get what I mean.

So, I will be a good girl, and spend the money willingly. Two more weeks to a brand new molar.

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