Thursday, August 20, 2009

A very expensive chair.

The dentist's chair.

Yep. Finally got around to get my crowning done. After all, I can only have the band around the affected molar for so long. Either the band will come loose eventually, or the food stuck in there will give me one heck of an infection, or worse still, bad breath.

Plus, I've got my tax return, and fortunately, that covers the cost. That is, with this dentist of mine. Remember this post? I know. That was a while back. I waited THAT long. I did my root canal with another dentist, very unfaithful of me, but mine wasn't around when agonizing pain struck me. Probably a lot more money too. I knew I was a 'waterfish' when I saw the chief receptionist of this other dentist, a.k.a. his wife, donning large diamond rings on her fingers.

But dental pain is not something you would want to wait, or suffer in silence. Or rather, you really can't be silent about it. And it usually arrives at the most inconvenient times, e.g. late nights, when all dental clinics or pharmacies are closed, weekends, long weekends, holidays. You get what I mean.

So, I will be a good girl, and spend the money willingly. Two more weeks to a brand new molar.

Daydreaming of Panama Beach

As I slave over the house chores and cooking, stirring the beef rendang, I am visualizing the soft, sandy beach, and cool breeze blowing on my kaftan, and me, holding a glass of crouschen and riesling on my right hand.

Mmm..... that could happen you know. Air fares are ridiculously low lately, and anytime I can rely on the internet to find just about any panama city beach fl hotels that offers the same low rate.

But sigh. Time. Where is it when you need it?

Men around the house

The old one is quite typical, but at least kinda tidy.

The young oneeee....... mmmmm....... drives me nuts!

He used to be tidy, even turning down the corners of the bath mat and make it flat again if it got folded. Now? Thomas and friends and Hot Wheels strewn around the carpet and lounge room. When he got tired of the floor, he would then dig out the colour pencils or pens to do some drawing, and halfway doing that, perhaps fold a paper aeroplane or two.

Then he would decide he wanted to play with his Lego set, and stormed into his room. All over the floor in his room, are tiny pieces of Lego, and the old Transformer autobots passed down to him from almost twenty years back, an old collection of my youngest brother-in-law.

Wait! Oh, then he would change his mind and wanted to play with the golf set.

And I sigh in resignation.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hubby's brithday present

I know in Asian culture, for the Chinese that is, it is a taboo to give shoes as a present. But I thought it is practical and nice too, since it is time for him to get a new pair anyway.

He has gone through many pairs of shoes. Merrell, Skechers, Clarks, Timberland, but have yet to try the brand Dansko. I have read some good reviews about it and think I should get him a pair. Also to get him be the guinea pig. If it turns out to be durable and comfortable, I would probably get a pair for myself too, for work. Being on my feet for six hours a night for work, it has to be of those two qualities.

Got cheaper ones before, but lasted only a few months. Now I do believe in what we pay is what we get.

I have been lazy

I know.

It's a wonder if anyone would even check in on me anymore. And for all I know, I think I have even forgotten my username and password for my Wordpress blog. Lazy to the gym too. Only once since I got back from Malaysia, and that was in July.

Anyway, the highlight topic since the last, was last Sunday, when the three of us went to Chaddy to buy a bicycle in Toys'R'Us. Halfway looking Aidan said he wanted to go pee. As I needed the toilet too, I went with him, leaving Daddy looking. We had to cross the food court to get to the toilet on the other side.

Once we were there, I took Aidan to the ladies' toilet (obviously) and guided him to the last cubicle. Told him to wait for me just outside when he had finished. I went into the cubicle next to him. On normal days I would've waited, or kept talking to him, but that Sunday, there was a crowd. So we had to be quick. Imagine my horror when I peaked into his locked cubicle when I have finished my business, to find a handbag lying on the floor, e.g. it wasn't him in there!

He was no where around the toilet area, and not bothering to wash my hands, I rushed outside, and couldn't find him either. Panicked as I was, I quickly called hubby to tell him that I lost our son, but I have a feeling he was heading back to Toys'R'Us. For one thing I know, he knows his way back to Toys'R'Us. I just prayed he really walked straight to that place.

I ran with my heart in my throat, through the crowd, and was so relieved to find him there beside his dad, who was right at the entrance. Gave him a tongue-lash I did, but apparently he wasn't fazed and didn't know what the fuss was all about.

In theory, being the laid back person as he is, he must have been trying to take off his pants when a lady pushed the unlocked door to see if anyone was in there, and he came out to let her in. Not seeing me around, he walked out and while searching for me, he also headed back to where Daddy was. What made him think I would have left without him!!

After all the drama, I asked if he has pee-ed, he said no. And we had to go back to the toilet again. This time, with me in the same cubicle.

When will this boy learn?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Horsey inquiry

Working in a retail pharmacy, you'd think I have seen all types of customers coming through the door after all these years.

We have people coming in for scripts, vitamins, skin care, perfumes, last minute gifts, even passport photos, and funnily enough, detergent powder and toilet papers. Every now and then, we get scripts for even pets. An eye drop for the dog, lotion or cream for the cat, or even a syringe to feed water to the little bird someone rescued from the tree. But imagine my surprise when someone came in to ask for horse supplements!

Surely, when someone owns a horse, or has anything to do with a horse, will know where to get these specialty supplements?

Tell me it has nothing to do with the moon again.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saman balik

Hubby gave me a funny look when I got two infringements in a month.

The funny thing is, he copped the notice because I drove the car which is under his name. So, being a nice and responsible lady like I am, I nominated myself so I could pay for the fine and that the demerit points go under my name. There went my pair of Nine West shoes.

Today, I copped a notice. And it was he who was driving the car under my name. And being a fair and responsible man he is, he nominated himself and did the same thing.

Thing is, I paid twice and the fine was more hefty than his. But our offences are different, so he got 3 demerit points, where I got 2 in total for both times.

Which is more 'jeok sou', you tell me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Diet Pill Reviews

A friend of mine came over from Fiji for a holiday. She asked if I have heard of Hydroxycut, where it is currently the 'in' thing for bodybuilders and also slimming over there.

I told her that I've never heard of it, but it could possibly be one of those health food store things. I asked her what is the benefit of it, and she said she heard that it burns fat much faster than other products. Naturally, being a loony myself as a wannabe for slimming all time, I checked the product out online.

Luckily for me, there were plenty of diet pill reviews and the overall recommendation for it was not that good. Good thing I found this out and not blindly following another fad, which could have cost my liver big time.

I guess there is not lazy way out.

Master Mischief

We had a parent-teacher interview last week. That was for every student in the class. Each parent had fifteen minutes with the class teacher to talk about his or her child's progress for the past two terms.

Usually, Aidan is not very 'keen' on these meeting. I don't know why. It was not that we reprimanded him for anything, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Every little detail that he has improved on, we encouraged and praised.

Last Thursday, he was particularly distressed. He wanted to go home right away, and didn't 'allow' me to see his class teacher. Obviously, he wasn't getting his way. When I met the teacher, he planted his head on my back and stayed that way throughout. I told the teacher his behaviour, and she actually told me she knew what might have made that happened.

They have five computers in the classroom. What Aidan did was he deleted all his friends' names in the computer and typed his name in each of them. Hahahahaa..... that was cheeky of him. And he knew he was wrong, that was the funny part. Of course, the teacher had to be firm and said no, and probably that was why he was not happy for me to see her. He may have thought that the teacher was telling on him.

My boy, being cheeky. I like.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

School needs new furniture

Don't get me wrong.

I love my son's school very much. He has improved so much under their care, both intellectually and physically. Yet I can't bring myself to agree on the really old desks they have in some of the classes. With an extra injection of funds which the school got recently, I am hoping they will spend some money on new ones.

Perhaps I can suggest a website where they sell discount classroom furniture. Hmm.. then they might just change those chairs in the library as well. That will be nice.

Aahhh... what a brilliant idea! A pat on the back for me :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little mind games

My boy is getting smarter and smarter each day.

He talks back, learns quick, act silly and demands. And when I don't allow him to do something,

You don't love me, Mama.

Amboi! Where did he get THAT from?!

New insurance scheme

While I was back to my home country I terminated my term insurance. I don't see a point in continuing any payment while I am here in another country. The surrender value was little, but expected. Still, at least I get some of my money back.

And with that money, I am thinking to get a new insurance scheme here. Better get it here where I belong now. It's funny now how we can go insurance shopping. For people, cars, house, contents, even individual parts of the body for the famous people. As for me, the best term life insurance rates will do just fine.