Monday, December 18, 2006

Baby drowns as mum takes call

Baby drowns as mum takes call Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania

When I read this, it sent shivers down my spine.

I 'lost' Aidan once in the playhouse for 2 minutes and I was already in panic mode.

I can only imagine how this mum feels, which thousands of 'I shouldn't have' churning in her head.

I shouldn't have taken the call
I should have applied the brakes (not confirmed if she did or not)
I shouldn't have turned my back
I shouldn't have jogged that day

There will be lots of guilt and self-blame, and I can only wish her well. What I will not say is time will heal. Time will NOT heal. That's bull crap, but that's only me. We live and get on with our lives, past becomes memories, but life-breaking points like this will be embedded in our minds forever.

Rest in peace, Leonardo.

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