Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday starts

It's officially HOLIDAY for Aidan.

That also means I don't have a plan or the slightest idea where to bring him for the rest of the month. Without playgroups or occasional care, I can be rather lost. It's true then, that I am a creature of routine. Thought I was more like a chameleon, changes colour to fit it.

I do think I did pretty well. I have been able to adapt to Hong Kong lifestyle for a year, and then to be uprooted to start a whole new life here in Melbourne. I am doing fine. Just don't ask me about winter. Don't like any summer days that are above 32degree either. For Pete's sake, I'm hard to please. Oh, don't ask me who's Pete, dunno him. *Guffaw*

Sorry, overworked, mind still churning and active, but full of nonsense and illogical thoughts.

Anyways, yes, where to today? Park? Guess so, huh? Playhouses and pools will be packed.

Hey, the reason am blogging this right now is that I want to tell you guys that Aidan today asked for my help, without being prompted! He was fixing his railway tracks, and I facing the pc, and he just came up to me and said 'Ahmee help'. Wahh.. *ROTF kicking legs in the air*

And oh, he's singing Jingle Bells too.

*Jiwowow, jiwowow, jiwowow oway....hey*

and Merry Christmas to you too.


Wuching said...

merry christmas to u & aidan!

sweetpea said...

and to you and all at home too.. nice of you to drop by :)