Sunday, December 17, 2006

Men only notice you when you are fat(ter)

Three weeks ago, Wilkin commented that I look meatier, fatter, rounder. Whichever the term, it didn't sound good to me.

I knew I piled up some pounds after I got back from my trip to Malaysia. What to do, missed so much our local good food. I told myself I'll eat less when I got back, but due to the 'expansion' of my stomach, and also the loosened elasticity of my tummy (blame it all on pregnancy) I couldn't stop eating.

On that one comment, I picked up my guts, in this case, decided to sweep my intestines clear of junks. After much self-made vege soups, no meat or only white meat, some fruits, half-starving myself, three weeks now I am 2 kilos lighter. I was able to wear a new pair of pants I bought for work last month. When I bought it (coz it was darn cheap) it was tight. But I said to myself, I can only get slimmer, I definitely can wear this soon. So earlier today before going to work:

Me : You didn't notice I got a little slimmer meh? See, no tummy.

Hubby: (look up and down) No

Me : I lost 2 kilos wor

Hubby: 2 kilos is NOTHING.

@^%*^#!*^%@!!!!! So much so for encouragement and praise. But hey, I am a
B = Babe
I = In
T = Total
C = Control of
H = Herself

I look and feel good for myself, can?

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