Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pitt or Beckham?

I bought my favourite magazine yesterday, JUST BECAUSE they are giving away a free singlet. I seldom buy it now since the price went up, again, but the singlet was a good bonus. Yeah, me tight-a**.

There were 2 choices, a black Mrs. Pitt and a white Mrs. Beckham. I already have lots of blacks, but guess which one I chose?



Mrs. Pitt!!

I don't mind David really, but I don't want to be associated with that Victoria in any way. (as if she knows who the phoeey I am) What a Barbie! Fake from head to the last toe nail! Oh, not that I don't like Brad, he's gorgeous. And this singlet, gives a very good cleavage ;P Not that I have much, but coyly sexy, hehe. Wilkin? Nah, he didn't even notice the words. I bet no other man can be more aloof than this one.


Jessie Woo said...

hi there .. given me the choice i would go for Mrs Beckham :P

But then it is still cool to be Mrs Pitt :P

sweetpea said...

hmm.. maybe you are younger :P except for his money and looks, there's nothing more i like about beckham, hehe. pss, see his choice of women? kakaka. do u know he has a girly voice? sorry arr.. just becoz i don't like his wife i still have to ridicule him. me bad.