Thursday, April 19, 2007

My floating starfish

It was Aidan's swim lesson this morning.

And we usually stay in the pool for another hour after his half hour session. Today I brought his pair of Tweety Bird shoulder floats along, so that we can go deeper into the water without him clinging on to me. And he loved it! He and his little friends, brothers Joshua and Justin had a great time.

And it was only this morning I noticed there's a little something wrong with his fourth toesies. They are both curved in.
Yikes! Don't tell me another problem rising. I cannot take it man!

Can anyone tell me if that's normal or otherwise? Like I said, he used to walk with his 10 little toes grabbing on to the floor. Was this the cause? Or maybe shoes? But he never had tight shoes leh..



miche said...

dont worry its toes are like that and i dont walk like a duck. hehe

Sweetpea said...

haha... he's not walking like a duck, but only the fourth one lor. looks crooked leh