Thursday, April 19, 2007

That Li'l Rascal

The washing machine was spinning away. It was about to load the second cycle of fresh water when it stopped. Meanwhile, I told Aidan to wash his hands after having fun at the backyard with bubbles and soil+water=mud. Turned on the tap, no water. Kitchen sink, no water.


Lucky for wet wipes.

As for me, darn. Bowels were opening but didn't want to go earlier as I was blogging :P (sounds familiar? Then you are not the only weird one *snigger*) Ten minutes later the urge was just too strong I can't hold it any longer. It was the Weight-Watchers-cum-Right-Now-cum-Cork-poo. PPhhhooiii........ satisfaction guaranteed. Lose weight, save time and indicates lots of fibre intake wor, not right meh? But there was only one tankful. This load needs at least two tankfuls. So how? Lucky got water saved from my washing.

With nothing much to do, and a nice sunny day outside, I decided to take Aidan for a walk to 7-11. Having never taken his scooter out from the compound before, I'll let him have a go.

All geared up.

I thought he may want an ice-cream, but his eyes were fixed on those slurpee machines. Mummy feeling very generous today, as in sugars, so I got him a small one. One the way back the sun bore down on our backs, and this pic.

Here's at our front door, enjoying his cola slurpee.

I went back inside to check on the water. Nup. Die. How? Good also, excuse not to cook. But can't do anything else too. Checked my neighbours' pipes, strange, they're ok. How come only mine? Not satisfied, I checked for the third time. This time fiddling with the main pipe too. Never know, right?


Then I remembered. Earlier Aidan was carrying the pail full of soil and wanted me to turn on the tap for him. I said no. That cheeky monkey must have fiddled with the main pipe as well! Little rascal of mine. Well, so long for not having to cook. Am just happy we have water!

As for Aidan, I can just shake my head. Of course no punishment was imposed, but I did tell him not to touch that little round thingy that looks like a miniature steering wheel.

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