Saturday, May 26, 2007

Count our blessings

How many of us remember to count our blessings everyday?

In a fast paced world today, a lot of us tends to take so many things for granted. No, I am not getting sentimental or any callings, but in just one week, I have personally heard so many bad news, it is scary.

Deaths. Wilkin's uncle passed away after years of battling with the lost of a kidney. A very good friend of mine lost two very dear relatives within a week.

My neighbours, an old couple. The husband has had lung cancer years ago and now in remission, and only a couple of weeks ago, his wife has been diagnosed to have terminal cancer which is inoperable, and is given 3 to 18 months to live. She would have never found this out had she not cracked her rib and had to be admitted to the hospital. Sometimes you would think, wouldn't it a good thing not to know about it until the very last moment. Ignorance is bliss. Then again, is it god's will and that she was given the accident as a sign?

My colleague's sister's friend. I know, pretty much not related to me, but anyone who hear this will sink like me. This friend has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is deaf AND blind. So, shouldn't we be thankful even when our child/ren bring dirt in from the backyard or had just accidentally deleted our 200 words paid post?

We live in a country that allows much freedom. I am not talking about Australia alone. Wilkin has just told me that there's a video clip in YouTube that shows girl being stoned to death alive because of something she did that is not permitted in her country, loving the wrong person perhaps. This video has since been deleted. Even if it's still on, I WILL NOT watch it.

So do you think you're healthy and lucky? Well of course, I have my back pain and a slave to my home and family, but yes, I am quite healthy and very lucky. But that doesn't stop me from complaining about my hubby whenever I can :P


AceOne118 said...

Oh my god! That killer cancer again. I going to stop smoking liao! :)

Sweetpea said...

cakap besar no need tanggung one arr? i also can say tomorrow i go get botox! kakakakaaa..

Vedis Teh said...

Hi, Sweetpea,

Once in a while we will hear these kinds of bad news and I always take them as a reminder.

A Reminder that we should treasure our life,we should not take life for granted,we should for live now..;D Enjoy every moment we have..

And lastly, making money now..bye..have got to write PPP...;D

Sweetpea said...

hmm... are u one of those who reserve all the opps eh, eh, eh?