Saturday, May 26, 2007

The other man in my life

What is better than having a nap on a cold afternoon, snuggled up in a warm bed, my hand around the love of my life, with him sleeping too, and me smelling his hair.....sigghhh..... ??


And pishhh! I am not talking about my husband :)

WIlkin's out and he's still in bed sleeping. I don't get a lot of these moments anymore as Aidan doesn't seem to want to take his arvo naps anymore. And when he does, he'll want me with him. These few days he has been waking up as early as 7am, so I made him sleep as we are going out tonight.

Please let it be only a while and not 7am every morning! Otherwise I'll have to sleep earlier, and blog less. NNNNNOOOOOO!!!

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