Monday, May 28, 2007

PayPerPost Direct

Paid posts have just gone a step further.

The new 'kid' on the block is PPP Direct. Those doing blog advertising understands exactly how I feel when I say it sucks to have our hard-earned cash slashed up to 100% This is just not on if we write a post for $10 and get paid only $5. Can I write half the post required then? Competitors like ReviewMe charges just that.

With PPP Direct, they only charge 10% fee, of which 5% goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing. Now this is what I call Fair. PPP Direct allows advertisers to approach us paid posties directly to write special posts. All we need to do is to specify the minimum amount we want to be paid for these posts and stick a widget on our blogs. And when an advertiser think my blog is interesting enough, or has traffic enough to run his ad, they will click on the badge attached to my widget and make me the offer.

A great way to earn keep more of the money I have earned.

Get a widget now. You'd never know which big shot wants your blog to advertise for them.

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