Monday, May 28, 2007

Shittiest night at work

I know there is no such word.

But yeah, we had one of the worst night at work, with the shittiest customers, some dumb, as in asking dumb questions, some sacarstic, some downright rude.

Customer said he gave his child Panadol and Demazin. Then he asked what Panadol and Demazin is for. Wha ????!!!!! So he gave his child these medication for the sake of just shoving something down the child's throat? How dumb is that? So should we provide dumb answers?

One chinese idiom may apply to old Ozzie ladies here. Once you get old, you'll become a child again. Something like my mum. Getting very touchy at things she doesn't like to hear. So this old lady came in with a script for antibiotics. We don't have it. It's weekend, and somehow this particular antiobiotic seemed to be a favourite among the docs. She got very upset and threatened to report our pharmacist. Did not want to accept the plain fact that WE DON' HAVE IT! WHAT THE HECK SHE WANTED US TO DO? GET IN THE CAR AND DRIVE TO SIGMA AND ROB THE WAREHOUSE??! Sheessshh! Just a a child who couldn't get his/her candy and throwing tantrum on the floor.

If I were to go on, it'll be a long post. Gosh. It's not even full moon!


LA My Home said...

some people just like that.

Sweetpea said...

ya, but when they whole night is kind of like that, it really made my night ler...mood already 'heng hap hap' how to sleep?! hehe