Thursday, June 14, 2007

Free Online Coloring Pages at The Doll Palace

My grandniece will absolutely love this!

Free Coloring Pages for her to dabble with for hours. I have sent a little birthday present to her earlier and if I send this site to her, she will be SO stoked!

The Doll Palace has come out with a new version of TDP Coloring pages, where the child can select hundreds of pictures from cartoons and toys, to fantasy and princesses. Wait a minute, I just found Thomas and friends under Transportation. Wow, I'll do it for Aidan.



This can be done by filling the picture with colors selected from the palette online. Just click on the colour preferred and then the area on the picture where the color should fill. And when it's completed, it can be printed as a masterpiece in the room or on the fridge. What a great way to show off pretty pictures to their friends!

Even better, she can upload her own pen-and-ink drawing after scanning it and share the URL with her friends and they in turn, can try to color her picture. I know for sure she will love the all the princesses, and her favourite is Cinderella. Or perhaps she'll love to colour a Father's Day picture for this weekend. Then her dad will be stoked.

I will get my niece to help her with registering an account for free.

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