Thursday, June 14, 2007

How to hold a pen

This exercise is recommended by the preschooler DVD to help children learn how to hold a pen properly.

Aidan was being a busybody and stuck his finger out when I took this pic.

Encourages the child to hold the spoon and spoon the beans from one cup to another. Here I use yellow beans. You can use marbles, or whatever you can find in your house, like I bought this pack of beans last year meaning to make soya milk :P

Just don't use rice, or you'll bring more work unto yourself.

He had hours of fun. Note... HOURS. Now I have to keep it away from him and take it out again like 2-3 weeks later. One thing he definitely got from me is SAS - Short Attention Span.


blur_mommy said...

Good idea! will have to do this with my gal! : )

Sweetpea said...

hope u don't have to do a lot of extra exercise in picking up the rolling bits!

alternative-mom said...

It sounds like an idea to exercise the finger muscles! I should try it! I was thinking about how my child is holding her pen incorrectly and I'm not eager to get her started on writing or colouring although she really wants to do it most of the time! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

Sweetpea said...

my pleasure. unfortunately aidan still holds the spoon the way he holds the pen! haha! am keeping the game at the moment and will re-introduce again in a couple of week's time.