Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The doggie paddle

It was Aidan's swim class today.

And the day I decided to jump into the pool with him, the central heating of the centre was under repair. There was a note at the entrance saying the water temperature in the pools will be lower than the normal temperature.

The pool where he had his lesson was a little below lukewarm, but it was okay. When the half hour was up, we mucked around in the same pool, until he said he wanted his Tweety Bird shoulder floats. I was so reluctant to get out from the pool. Cold, dang it! Then the second time, he wanted to wee! Jeezzz. Eh, this mummy very nice one. Teach my son to wee in proper toilet nia.

Unlike my mum who taught me to just wee in the pool. Am not going to go into details on which pool I left my marks in, but I've since learned it's an inconsiderate thing to do. Don't worry, still small girl then lar, virgin urine. Kakakakakaaa!

Back to Aidan, we next headed for the toddler pool, mucked around for a while again, and as I was starting to feel comfy at the spa corner, the runaway rascal dipped into the wave pool, the coldest of all indoor pools! No wave, of course. The day was quiet, the way I like it. Without the waves, we went further to the deep end, and although he looked out for my support, he didn't want me holding him. He was loving the floaty feeling, and started to paddle like a little doggie. After all while, it didn't feel so cold. Definitely not for this swimming doggie! But his lips started to change colour just the same. After much persuasion, he left the pool willingly with me.

Must be tired. So much so he fell asleep in the afternoon on the couch. Two hours of absolute silence for me, heh. I know children needs sleep to grow, and I was wondering, after his bout of illness last week, and quite a number of arvo naps these few days, if he's got the growth spurt again. Well his hair is definitely longer just after two weeks.

Sigh, he'll be a four year old boy very soon.

Where's my baby?


stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, Swimming makes them tired and sleep well. But dont overdo it esp after he has just recovered as it could cause a relapse.
Well, do come by my blog to collect your award. I think you rock!

Simple American said...

No one taught me to pee in the pool. Just came naturally. Fortunately, I have stopped now.

Good that he is resting. Watch him grow. He'll be taller than you before you know it.

Sweetpea said...

SAHM - thanks. yeah, he's still got the sniffly nose, but i guess 8 out of 10 kids have it anyway. will be careful though :)

SA - oh thank goodness! just like me! hahaha

oh i know it for sure. I have to keep buying him new pants!