Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tis not Cherry Season!

Truly, it's not! But look what I've got.....

Yum yum... okay lar! My digicam is not that good, and I am a terrible camerawoman, but don't let the pic fool you. It's sweet and juicy. In the middle of winter pun!! Where on earth my friend managed to get the cherries I donno. But she offered to part half of her purchase with me. Only $8 per kilo.

It is definitely not cherry season. Cherry picking time is always at the end of the year, somewhere November and December. It's rare to find it in Melbourne, or is it me who's not been looking at the fruit section? Am not much of a fruit eater after all. Whatever lar, this is one fruit I enjoy eating.

Still on food, I found the secret to sweeter lamb shank stew!

Was lazy. Got two premarinated lambshank and some sausages for dinner. I was supposed to just dump the shanks into the saucepan and cook it for about 45 minutes, as per instruction. Then I had to make some soup for Aidan. I cut up some butternut pumpkin, carrots, onion and potatoes.

Took a look at the shanks. Hardly any sauce there, sure burn one. So I poured in some vegetable broth. Then I thought, might as well dump in all the veggies. Skali masak. And instead of 45 minutes, I let it stew in its own juice (I like the term :P) for two hours.

Result? Shanks were soft and the stew was sweet. Thanks to the pumpkin!

Verdict? Wilkin walloped all. Need I say more? Nothing satisfies me more than the satisfaction of my hubby's tummy :)


Simple American said...

I wish lamb was cheaper here. I only eat at Indian restaurants here.

Cherries have been delicious this year. :)

AceOne118 said...

Cherries? I enlarged it to see. Looked like herbal egg soup to me! wakakaka

Sweetpea said...

SA - oh, izzit really expensive then? sometimes when it's on specials we get the forequarter chops for about $7/kg. and yes, the cherries are delicious :)

yinsi - 'wang tengok dim tengok' also don look like eggs lar. aprah!