Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mobile phone manners

What happened to basic manners in today's younger generation?

And this is particularly noticeable here. Well, I can only say here since I can't quite compare to anywhere. Even back in Malaysia, there are many rude people that I have encountered.


1. Chinese salesgirl in Sungai Wang shops. Chats in front of customers (us) as if we are invisible. Nevermind that. But with the NMCH, DLLM, DLLMCHs, it made my skin crawl. Such a pretty young thing, but disgustingly foul-mouthed.

2. Cashiers at check out points. Take my money as if I owe them a million dollars. Some more has the guts to ask me to fill in the contest form for best employee or something like that.

Many more. But my post title says mobile phone manners.

Customer walked in with yakking away on her phone. Handed in a script, while on the phone, mind you. I have questions to ask, of course, such as Medicare cards, if she preferred a generic brand. Glared at me as if I interrupted her conversation.

Told my pharmacist what happened.

Script done. Still yakking on phone, walked round the store for 20 minutes. Then came to us asking if her script was ready. Pharmacist said it was ready 15 minutes ago. She got annoyed and asked why didn't we call her out. Here we go, this is the best part. The pharmacist said:

Oh, I personally find it very rude to interrupt someone when he or she is on the phone.

Whoa! Deadly glare. Hahaaha, I like. We were so amused for the rest of the night.

Same thing happens when customers are paying for their things. Yak on the phone and signing the credit slips. Forget about treating us with respect, which they clearly don't. Mouthing the word Thank you doesn't mean anything to us.

Would you do that when you are visiting your doctor, an appointment, an interview? I find it downright rude, not to mention getting a point deduction from the interviewer. What has happened to simple manners? Is it that impossible to lay off the phone for a moment while running an errand? What is so important? Your boyfriend's got a pimple? You just bought a new lipstick? And oh, the colour is Mauvelicious? Revlon is better than Maybelline? Really? What?! He burnt the roast? Again?!

Geezzz..... I really need to know, don't I? While I had to wait for the perfect moment to slot in my 'Credit, Cheque or Savings?' or '$30.70 please' and bear the impatient looks of the others lining up behind, while she S.L.O.W.L.Y. and casually signed, put the things into her bag, yakked some more, and walked out.

You may dress nice, but your manners stink!


PEARLY said...

hi dear :
sori havn't leave a comment but did pop around to read the post ,
hi no cross la there are lot of ppl like this there don't think of other ppl feeling , I will feel very rude when my phone ring at the shop or I am on my way to check out , I will normaly take the call and say will call you back ok I am at the so and so bye .
I do find a lot of ppl like this not only in autralia la in UK too .

cool down not to be cross hahah very fast you will grown lot of grey ahhahah
have a lovely day my dear friendxxxx

Simple American said...

I find mobile phones to be bring annoying characteristics. I hate when I am at dinner and someone has to call somebody so they can tell them where they are at and who they are with.

And people who speak louder when on the phone just kill me too. If you want to talk go outside or some place where you do not impose your conversation on others.

And if I walking with someone and they decide to call and check in with someone. What's the point of accompanying you if you are calling your spouse or buddy.

mr fong said...

Haha,yes I agree fully..Sometimes they just piss you off.Irritants :(

Vien said...

One great solution: Put a sign up that shows a big X on the cellphone. :P A family restaurant we go to has a sign like that right outside their door.

AceOne118 said...

Hahaha..someone step on your tail again? kekekeke

The New Parent said...

Hi SP--I think each generation passes things on to the next. Maybe we pass on rudeness to those younger (smile)? I don't know.

I do see many people being careless with the way they use cell phones. It's one of those things where we develop the tool (cell phones) but we don't teach how and when to use it properly.

ehon said...

hah! so u work in a pharmacy. :D lol!

the thing i dislike about mobile phones and customers are when u duno is when he/she takes forever to take out his/her money. plain right annoying. :P

and oh btw, thanks for dropping by! :D it's getting colder here in adelaide!! brr..

Giddy Tiger said...

I agree with you. Cellphones are a step ahead in technology, but we must learn how to balance that with appropriate manners while using them.

Sweetpea said...

pearly - yes, that's what i'll do and i switch off the phone when am in the clinic or have an appointment, or even in the cinema. but i haven't been inside a cinema for many years now :)

SA - that's very true. it's not just manners, but common sense that fails to register in them. come to think of that, my colleague just served a customer looking for some pain relief cream for his thumb and wrist area, FROM TEXTING TOO MUCH! hahahah!!

mr.fong - give them the dirty look next time :P

vien - haha, if it was up to me, i just might!

aceone - if i have 100 tails, it would have been stepped on 101 times :P

TNP - i get your point. but i was never taught how to use the mobile, coz my mum doesn't know how to :) but you are right. manners are taught at home, at a young age, and should be applied to every aspect in life.

ehon - nice of u to drop by. never been to adelaide, but wish to be there one day :)

giddy tiger - social manners and etiquette may be a thing of the past soon, if we don't start teaching our young ones.

shern's mom said...

hi, interestin post.
attitude problem is everywhere nowadays. another thing i hate about about annoyin mobile users "they love to missed call people". i mean no money then dont bother callin, right.

Sweetpea said...

shern's mom - precisely! cheapskates. don't even own one then, hor? stingy pokers :P