Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tutor Vista for online tutoring

How does having a private tutor, at your convenience, everyday of the week, for all subjects for less then a dollar a day?

When I say all subjects, I mean Mathematics, Sciences, English, Social Studies, study skills as well as other subjects such as psychology, accounting, economics and finance.

Yes, for less than a dollar a day for the first month, you can gain access to a private tutor to assist you in your studies. Tutoring in Math, Algebra, English, reading and writing, all at the convenience of your home. Tutor Vista has experienced and knowledgeable tutors to provide you with live one-on-one assistance, at sessions convenient to you. The tutor and you will log into your Tutor Vista account and share a whiteboard to help write, draw, type, talk, to teach and learn lessons.

Fun and effective, it is completely free to register with the site. I think this is a great package. Not only you get help and answers from the professionals, you don't have to run around asking your mates, who themselves may have trouble with the subject. And that is not only on one subject, but all topics that you may want to know in preparation for your exams.

Online tutoring is the new and effective way for homework help. Give it a go.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to compare this against other tutoring sites, such as Vie-Nova, Tutoring, School Trainer, Tutor Easy and Tutor Next. Do you have any comparative data on this?

Sweetpea said...

hi, no unfortunately, sorry.