Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tagged lagi lagiiiiii..... A - Z

Sasha's Tags n Such has extended this fun tag to me.

I've seen this around many months ago, thought I escaped this one, but it eventually found its way to me.

A - Attached, age cannot tell, Aidan, a tired mummy.

B - Bourbon coke, broadway plays, Bubba Stuff is cool :P

C - Cakes. Mudcakes, icecream cakes, chiffon cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, butter cakes.

D - Dogs. Am for dogs, medium to large. No small yappety-yap ones.

E - Essential item? Money, of course. Have money, have anything. Not everything, though.

F - Fave time. Eat, sleep, play.

G - Get cooking! Still sit here and do tag for what?!

H - Hometown is where all the lengluis come from. Ipoh rules!

I - Indulge in raspberry liquorice and Tim Tams.

J - Johnny Depp, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Groban.

K - Keanu Reeves. Oh kids izzit? Just one.

L - Lou kong, Lormaikai, Leongfun ice. Life is good, live it well.

M - Marriage is to last. Working on it. Three more years for a trinity ring. *Lou Kong, if you are reading this, start saving*

N - Never hate someone. Takes too much work to hate someone.

O - Owing money to my credit card, as usual.

P - Phobia? See this.

Q - Quote of the day and everyday : Live today.

R - Ranting, repetitive nagging, ramble ramble ramble.

S - Sweetpea, Sandee, Superwoman, Smart, Silly, Sane, I think.

T - Tequila shots, time to cook! Still here?!

U - Underpaid, overwork.

V - Valium. I need it, gimme quick!!

W - Worst habit is zilch. Am perfect in my own little way :)

X - X-ray done once many years ago. Forgot what is was for though.

Y - Yummy food for today is fried squid tentacles.

Z - Zodiac is complicating. Some say am Gemini, some say Cancer. What say you?

No tags.


Anonymous said...

*claps in delight*
we share taste in "J" (except Groban) and "K" :D

Sweetpea said...

jo - glad we share the same taste, but don't snatch arr!

Simple American said...

Got to know you more.

Must go to Ipoh. Hmmm...

Sweetpea said...

SA - to choose a lenglui for your son?? :)