Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cool sunnies for a sizzling summer

Summer is here again, and apart from a new pair of sandals which I just bought, I need a new pair of sunglasses too.

I didn't have a decent pair for many years now, buying only the cheap and brandless ones from the pharmacy. Although some of them look good, I always believe in getting what we pay for. Ray Ban has always been my classic favourite, and needless to say, a leading and trusted brand in eyewear. That being said, offers great prices for a wide range of brand name products, not only for sunglasses, but as well as binoculars, telescopes, cameras, goggles, the lot.

Being not able to wear contact lenses for a long period of time now, due to dry eyes, prescription sunglasses is definitely the answer for me. This way I can see clearly and look cool at the same time. The Serengeti range looks amazing, not to mention the price too. A must-have!

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