Monday, December 17, 2007

Help! Adrenaline still rushing!

It's 1.15am now and although my eyes tell me I should really sleep, my brain is still churning, churning, churning.

Work was particularly busy tonight, with loads of people coming in for scripts. Last Friday night we had a very livid 49 year old woman who screamed when she was told she couldn't get the 'Morning After' pill from us. By the time she left I was sure no one at my workplace didn't know that she had a 17 year old, a five and and three year old at home, and that she didn't want another baby now. Duh, as if we need to know that! Understood her panic, but really, did she need to humiliate herself like that?

Tonight was another one. We got a very hysterical woman in the store. Sigh.... talk about weirdos.

1 comment:

mott said...

wah...i too understd her panic! I don't think she even felt humiliated...just trapped!!! urg!