Monday, December 31, 2007

I met my Phantom!

I am so glad I went to work today. Although I had this headache for the second day in a row, and very much wanted not to turn up for work, I did. And it was the best decision I've made for the whole day.

Firstly, I got some 'drugs' that got rid of my migraine pretty much straight away. That was brilliant! Having a dull ache that nagged at you for two days can be very crippling. Then, my wonderful, wonderful pharmacist recommended me bioRevive's tears again spray for my dry eyes. Between that and migraine, I didn't know which was worse, I just wanted them gone! I had to use eye drops every hour or so before the spray, and after two doses, although I do still some level of grittiness, it wasn't as bad.

And the highlight of my night was, I met HIM!!

The Phantom! I didn't recognize him at first when he came into the pharmacy, asking for some pain relief. The more I talked to him and looked at him, I was sure it was Anthony. And so, when he paid at the counter,

Us : Bla bla bla bla..... about me having to work on New Year's eve.

Me : *Smiled* Are you the Phantom?

AW : *Grinned* Yes, I am. Have you watched the show yet?

Me : Of course!

AW : Great. When? (He acted a little skeptical)

Me : About three months ago. I loved it!

AW : Thank you. So you must have seen Julie (Goodwin). 'Christine'? (the girl with him)

Me : *Looked blank, heart pumping, body trembling*

AW : It must have been the other Christine that you saw then.

Me : Yeah, must be. *smiling like a dork*

Us : Bla bla bla... ending the transaction and saying goodbye and Happy New Year

AW : As you can see, you have one old and crooked phantom here. (He bought pain relief, remember?)

I was so excited for the rest of the night I knocked my ankles a few times. He was so humble, so funny, so friendly, so warm. No, I didn't get his autograph. I had half a mind to ask, but tried very hard to act demure and not schoolgirlish, hahahha. Aaahh..... Anthony, you made my day :)


mama bok said...

And you didn't get a picture with him..?? Awwwwww.. :(
See .. i have have my trusted camera with me.. muahahahah!! in case.. i meet my phantom too.. muahahahah!!!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Psst... should have taken photo and autographlah. I'm sure he was disappointed you didn't :P

Sweetpea said...

mamabok and immomsdaughter - i scared lar. wat if he said no? i no face ler... hehe. also, dang it, i wasn't looking my best pun, that night :P