Monday, December 10, 2007

Malaysia Trip 2007 - Last slide

This is the last of the slides from my trip.

One to go for the road before I log off and get ready for work. Didnt' send Aidan to kindy today. I came back from work last night to find him coughing funny, and this morning he sounded as if he was congested. Took him to the doc, and found everything was clear, at least that was good news. Must be the allergy plus the low humidity that may have irritated his throat. He is jumping around now.

As for poor me, my nose has never suffered worse. It is all chaffed and raw now. Lucky thing FESS Nasal Gel helped a bit. It has Vitamin E, Olive Oil and Sesame Seed Oil, and smells nice too.

Ohh.. poor nose of mine. Aaaahhhhhhh CHhooooo!!!

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