Thursday, December 13, 2007

A photo with Santa

We went to Brandon Park Centro today, just for a walk, and randomly picking at presents to by. I find that it is easier this way, rather than fixing a list and be frustrated in the end in case I can't find any. Stick the the budget of course, can't run wild with that, can we?

We walked pass a store which has Homer Simpson, a tad taller than Aidan, dressed as in a Santa suit, swaying his hips away. The little fella was so frightened of this moving doll he had to make one big round to cross to the other side. Another time he ran screaming when he forgot Homer was there, and found himself standing beside Homer. I found it funny, but I had to comfort him. I understand his fear was genuine.

For the past years, he had been uncooperative about taking pics with dear old Santa. Today, this Santa was very, very kid smart. Am sure he is, as he is the Santa of Centro, where kids, or rather, parents, have to pay to taken photographs with him. Santa sat on his throne, talked to Aidan from far, and when he gained the kid's confidence, he walked up, asking Aidan to help him stick some stickers on his boots. Little fella did just that, and Santa rewarded him with a little prezzie from his sack, a Centro watch. On seeing him being comfortable with Santa, I asked if he wanted to take a pic, and he was like .... okay. Santa picked him up and sat him on his lap.

Two clicks, that was all it took. Two days later and three photos to pick up, I'll be $19.95 poorer. But what the heck, his first proper photograph with Santa. Aawwww.......

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