Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Need A New Header

Crap knows I seriously need a new header.

Can any genius donate a little time and creativity in making my blog a little nicer? I visit so many blogs and find most are SO SO SO SO nice, and often wonder how the heck they do it. Pay for a domain? Not for me. Don't need it. Me not a big time blogger and also not a big time postie.

Being a computer retard also does not help the situation at all. Templates, html, archives, etc. etc. is a big HUH?! to me. So if anybody who finds their office work a little boring, have a little wuliao time, and is a pro in this, I thank you for your time!

Please? Anyone? *Uhukhukhukhukhuk* - Crocodile tears


sting said...

I really like this header pic of Aidan (look at that expression!).. even if it's a bit stretched.. am not sure how to unstretch it though.. sorry..

got a tag for you.. mind doing?

huisia said...

check this out : -

she is very creative and always can create a good header.

bokjae said...

Hello! just doing some new year visitation! haha!

mama bok said...

G from mommibee is good at that.. ;) you may wanna go suck up.. muhahhahaha!!
Or .. May from Calgary.. ;)
Or earthember.. ;)
Or Casserole of my life. ;)
All are very creative. ;)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Ha ha ha...cannot help laughing at the suck up part by Mama Bok. I prefer to pay for header. Do one PPP and you can get a good one already. Let me know and I can recommend someone.

Actually,'s header is done by someone else and Mel recommended that person to me. She did the one on my review blog and her email is in one of the post there.

Sweetpea said...

sting - thanks, i like it too but i still find it boring :(

bokjae - happy new year and thanks for hopping by :)

huisia, mamabok and immomsdaughter - thanks for the recommendation. haha... sucking up sounds fun over the internet. wonder how i can do that? hehehe.. but i've checked out andrea's site, it's very nice. thanks :)

mott said...

i'd help u....but next week?

heh heh.. it's quite easy need to pay...

just prepare some pix u want to put up..have a concept or general idea what u'd like (scrap-wise, animation, etc) and i can do some abacadabra on it...

Sweetpea said...

mott - yeay! thanks! sasha surprised me with this, but i'd still like a new one. better still, u teach me!! i am greedy! :P