Monday, February 11, 2008

Holidays over!

Hahhahahaha! I know for some they are taking the long break, like some friends in Hong Kong. But most of us are starting work tomorrow. Good on you! Because I didn't get to enjoy the festive atmosphere, the noise, the gambling, and it was so quiet for us, I want you to join me lar!

Yes, yes, yes. I know CNY is not over yet, there is 'Yan yat', (Everyone's birthday?') and then there is 'Yuen Siu' (is this the Chinese Valentine's Day?), the 'Tin Goong' for the Hokkiens and the last day of CNY. Still, I won't be eating porridge and fried noodles, no throwing oranges into the river and no 'siew yoke' for me.

Go back to work ler people, kekekkeke.

Aaahhh.....somehow my sago dessert tastes much better now :)


mama bok said...

Mine never started.. ! what holiday.. boohoohoo..!!

Moonlight_tears said...

Hey there,
How are things going on there? Hope it's not that late to wish you a Prosperous CNY! =P
Did you enjoy it? I don't do nothing much here in Minnesota, not many chinese in my sub-urb.


Sue said...

Agree with Mama Bok..what holiday..hehe..btw...sago dessert looks good la..

Liverpool Papa said...

alamak... so sad but nevermind.. i still want to wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai. I worked on the holiday so I don't really like enjoying it like previous years.

Anyway, hope your day is better than ever before. Hope the Rat year is a good year for the whole family :)

sting said...

am sure you didn't miss the way-pass-midnight fireworks... :-)

mom2ashley said...

yea time for me to go back to work tomorrow!

Sweetpea said...

mamabok - that's wat i am saying lar. no holidays for me too, and now they are back to joining us! hahahhaa!

nicole - i guess there is a lot of happening out there, but my in-laws are pretty much quiet ppl, and my hubby, being a half-recluse, i can't expect much from them :( KUNG HEI FATT CHOY to you too.

sue - i work through lar, where got hols for me :( pretty easy to make, but takes about an hour. i follow recipe only :P

papa J - join the club ler. no excitement at all :( i wish you all the same for this year :)

sting - i do, actually! it doesn't happen every night wat. but maybe ipoh not as bad then, or i should tell you i sleep through everything then! hahaha!!

mom2ashley - back to working the grind eh? now we wait for next year :P