Monday, March 10, 2008

Chaplaang stuff

Nothing doing. Not feeling the best, kinda fluey.

Saturday was a day for cleaning out the basement. Wilkin cleared his stuff (Rejoice! He finally willingly threw some things out!) and I cleared some of Aidan's baby clothes. Looking at them, I couldn't help feeling those tender moments, and they brought a lump to my throat. Still my baby, but where has those total, absolute, no-denying dependence gone? The little jumpers, the tiny booties..... sigh..... Forget it, people, I am not feeling clucky. I just miss my BABY baby.

As it is Labour Day holiday on Monday, Wilkin wanted to bring Aidan to the beach today. For Autumn, there sure is great weather still. For the rest of the week, we are still at the 30s Celsius mark. In fact, it will be 37 tomorrow. Anyway, I said nope, because I am still under the weather, and I know for sure the heat will bring on a debilitating headache for me. Plus I've gotta work.

Monday, oh Monday. It is great day. A day for popiah and ice-kacang feast at Tili's. Woohooo! My role is extremely important, otherwise there won't be any popiah. While others slave in the kitchen over cooking the ingredients for it, making buffalo wings, I am in charge of buying the popiah skin. Waaaat?! Important, right??! Okaylah, I made some jelly for the kids as well, since Riona, Tili's youngest daughter, is having a 'Teddy Bear Party' which requires each child to bring his/her favourite teddy. Not to worry, Aidan has a few. Pics to follow.

Election fever. I haven't called my mum yet, but I am sure she is elated that DAP has finally got the seat at her area. Malaysiakini's site is still down (surprise, surprise?) but while I logged on last night, I watched a very funny video where a group of young Malaysians made speech, with posters of our dear PM snoozing away during meetings, and they had a present for him. A set of pillow and bolster. So he can sleep better. May I add in a pacifier too? Hhahaha. There was a quote that goes:

'I have a dream' - Martin Luther King
'I have a thousand dreams' - PM Abdullah Badawi

Don't get me wrong, I am not against BN. I am sure it is everyone's wish to vote for a party that actually not just listen to the people, but work it as well. No point NATO (No Action Talk Only). Ditto in Australia. Seems now a lot of people here are not happy with the way the new government is heading. So far most, if not all, expenses naik, naik, naik, but not only no pay increments, some more allowances for pensioners and carers cut, cut, cut! I feel the pinch too. Last year price of chicken drumsticks hor, $2 plus per kilo. Today, $5 per kilo. Take comfort Malaysians, our petrol price is about to match yours, comparing dollar to dollar.

Now I go tidur, dream of winning Tattslotto and fly first class home. A dream that can only become real when I purchase a Tatts ticket. Which I never do. I'd rather spend the money on a pack of Tim Tam's.

So, I go dream of Tim Tam's now. Good night, ooooeerrrr............ morning.

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NomadicMom said...

When i saw AUD 2 for a kilo of drumsticks..I was gonna be sooo envious. Then I saw that prices has gone up to AUD 5 per kilo. Now I don't feel so bad.

I pay about USD 3 per kilo for drumsticks....