Friday, March 07, 2008

It's a Hair-Raising Morning! and another weekend visitor

I swear, I am telling the truth, no gel, no mousse, no camera tricks, no editing. This was what Aidan's hair looked like this morning when he got up, hahahha! I can't imagine the way he slept last night.

Here is another weekend visitor from kinder. He's name is Aussie.

I am not too sure if hubby is going to approve of this one as well because, Aussie makes heck a lot of noise!

Already Aidan is covering his ears and telling Aussie to SHOOSH!! And when he can't, he will come to me and ask me to tell Aussie to shut up. Oh boy, what a weekend it's going to be!


jazzmint said...

wahh lagi ada visitor

Sweetpea said...

that' is for the term. hubby came home and said 'OH NO!' hahahhha!!

sting said...

haha.. Aidan's so adorable there :-) and I suppose your hubby had some "hair-raising" experience too when he got home ya.. hehe :-)

miche said...

cool hair on gel! hahaha

i tot only the hamster? how many pets you volunteered to babysit arh???

mama bok said...

Heheheh1! what a handsome boy.. :) no matter with the hair.. since he is so handsome.. muahahaha!!

janicepa said...

2 words to describe.. yao yeng ar ... !!