Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy busy busy

It has been a busy week for me, a good and productive one.

Tuesday night out at GUYS AND DOLLS was great! Come Wednesday night when I worked, Lisa McCune came in! How spooky was that?! Remember when I posted I watched Phantom of the Opera, a couple of months later, I actually met Anthony Warlow, my phantom. Now I really want to go see Michael Buble sing, and then bring my camera to work every night I work. Hahahaha!

A productive one being at a state school, checking out the place, which impressed me a lot, although I have already applied for enrolment for Aidan at a catholic school. Now I am in a dilemma. This is a decision I cannot make lightly. And I have a month to do that.

Busy again today, making an ice-cream cake for tomorrow's steamboat session at Tili's. Not to worry, will have the pics of the yummy steamboat stuff to make you salivate! Muuaahahahhaa!


sting said...

hey, we are going to have steamboat for tomorrow's dinner too :-) enjoy yourself

Sweetpea said...

sting - you bet! i was SO full, i couldn't eat the next day!