Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is Robert your neighbour?

Australia is a nation of migrants. History has it that the many of the early arrivals in Australia were convicts of Britain. Many others came by commitment to family amidst the gold rush era to set up a new life when they were 'nothings' in Britain, desire to escape poverty, war or persecution.

Now that was way back in the 18th century. While many were proud to say they have convicts as ancestors, others would go to the extreme in changing their names in order to start a new life for their generations.

Why am I mentioning this is I have just read a chilling article in the Herald Sun, that it may be possible one of the two killers of little James Bulger 16 years ago may be living among us. These two killers were only 10 years old then. To protect their identities, the government has given them whole new identities, changed the stories of their background, families and lives. Given it had been such a huge case in Britain that caused such uproar, is it possible that they may be, or have been extradited to Australia and now possibly your neighbour?

According to the paper, keep an eye if you have a new neighbour named Robert with an accent, or perhaps not 'Robert', newly married, or if you hear Happy Birthday song somewhere in August when he turns 26.

Be afraid.

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh man.....scary!!!! don't think he'll come over here, do you?