Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wishlist added


No. I really do not need one. It doesn't bother me if the clothes dry in three days. I really do not want another gadget added into my already cramped unit, not that I have the space for that innocently small cubic square.

But I do HATE the fact that washing in WINTER is so much more of a hassle. Woollen, fleecy and heavy clothings, all contribute to the much disgusting word L-I-N-T. I am most envious when I notice almost EVERYONE has no traces of lints on their clothing wherever I go. I mean, of course there is the lint brush, lint remover, but seriously, duh, do they really do that to every piece of their winter clothing? There must be a way!!

Either that or my washing machine is really chokiau. Every time when I need to fold these clothes, I will have to do it outside, which doesn't help much because it can be freezing, because I need to shake these lints off. Rather do that than having to vacuum an extra time. Then I realize. The dryer does not only dry the clothes in super quick time, it also removes a fair amount of all these despised fluffs and lints too!

Then I told my hubby, if there is wiring in our basement storage, the dryer wouldn't be in my wishlist anymore. It WILL be in that basement RIGHT NOW!



shooi said...

Sounds like you really need a dryer...

Will it be difficult to add wiring to the basement? No need to have concealed wiring since you probly won't have visitors going down there.

mott said...

Eh....I wondered the same thing leh! I also wondered why everyone's clothes soooo lint-free!!!!!!

Eh..even if u have a dryer, the lint still comes back leh! I know...coz I'm still fluffing my clothes outside!!!!!!!!! AARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!