Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A rare bloom

We had this spiky plant right in front of our windows when we moved in, and I considered pulling it out because it did pook me many times. Itchy and painful! Then I thought of the reason it was planted there by the many previous owners. So strangers won't walk up to the window and peek at us? And that was why I let it survive.

For the six years we have lived here, it was just 'the plant'. But last month something happened. A long stem grew straight a tall. Then it branched out budding like this:

Then came the pretty white flowers:

And now the full bloom!

It has been like this for almost two weeks now. I wonder how long before the flowers wilt. But this is lovely. I hope it will last longer, because we may not be seeing another one till six years later.

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NomadicMom said...

wa....bloom once every 6 years? must take down the dates, and take close-up and distant photos!!! And then scrapbook it!