Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last Blog - haven't I done that liao?

I went to Lovely Mummy's blog last night and kaypoh, but didn't even see my own name there being tagged! So you see how phased-out my mind is, especially after midnight. It's about what I want to or am going to do if I were to write my last post here.

My Last Post….*ptooi ptooi ptooi*

I really have not given it much thought. I would say both my hubby and son are financially taken care of, and I am not much worried about that, but then:

1. I will return certain sentimental pieces of jewellery to my sisters. Those were my wedding gifts and I want them to have it back. The rest, will be kept for Aidan.

2. I will write 15 letters, one for each year, for Aidan to be opened on his birthday.

3. I will tell Wilkin to keep on sponsoring my 'daughter' in Tanzania through World Vision and also the Lost Dogs' Home.

4. Everyone knows I love them and I know they love me so I won't be mushy mushy about that. But I want my last moments to be spent just with my husband and son.

5. I want to be cremated.

6. I will tell Wilkin to be a good dad for Aidan and show his lots of love, physically. My hubby a little kayu in this department. I know Aidan will miss my hugs and kisses.

7. I will tell my hubby to remember my blog (coz he hardly reads it!) and show it to Aidan when he's old enough.

8. At the moment, I want the song 'One Sweet Day' by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men, to be played as my song. But this might change arr...

9. Like I posted in my Blog Apocalypse, let me die a quick and painless death. Don't let me suffer.

I very takut about donating my organs at the moment coz I feel I should be 'complete'. I takut the angels don't let me in wor. This is still a difficult decision for me as I strongly feel I should do good deeds and I strongly agree with the idea, but I still takut to commit. Convince me.

So, these three other blogger friends, what will you do?

Jessie Woo


Samm said...

Nyerrrrrrrrrrrrr..... lol!!! BTW, how's Aidan doing?

Sweetpea said...

nyerrrr.... but also do lar, can? :P and u obviously haven't been visiting my new site lor :( aidan's progress is there, but everything is so far so good. thanks for the e-book, my hubby was pretty engrossed with it, and even looked up good-eating guide blogs like gluten-free and everything!

+Ren said...

mushy :D